A Second Bikery and the Morning Roundup

The Bikery is opening a new location in Marine on St. Croix, Chef Chris breaks down the deal with the classic Milwaukee dive chain George Webb’s, the Depot Tavern has its grand opening July 4 and has a (hot) dog eating contest, Chef Shack gets rolling at 5th and Hennepin, Rachel digs Caribe (“the most exciting Caribbean restaurant Minnesota has seen in years”), blogger Red Pepper packs up for Miami, a glimpse into the shadowy world of after-hour police security for bars and festivals, a blogger hunts for Minnesota’s best doughnut (starting, sadly, with the daft premise that Dunkin’ Donuts are the platonic ideal), and Well Fed Guide to Life eats pizza at Barley John’s.


  1. Mike Fotis

    I don’t know what to say. Surely, they are not the greatest doughnut the world has ever been offered, but there is something just so…awesome about Dunkin’ Donuts. Maybe it’s the fact that there are 5 of them on every street corner in Chicago. Or maybe it’s the surly attitude of their collective staff, I don’t know. I do know this, I even like them when little more when they are a bit stale. It gives the doughnut a “bagel-y” quality that I just adore.


  2. James Norton

    Mike, here’s my deal: I spent almost six years living in Boston where Dunkie’s is not merely a common restaurant, it’s a lifestyle. The entire city runs on the coffee (which is good!) But I didn’t know anyone who ate the donuts.

    I think donut preferences have a ton to do with how you’re normalized — for you, Dunkin’ Donuts, for me, a place in Madison called Greenbush Bakery.

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