A First Look at Pacific Islander and Morning Roundup

The Onion brings us the bittersweet story of the Hamm’s beer bear being found dead in a “flop zoo,” Surdyk’s Flights makes #1 on a top-10 list of airport dining experiences (we liked it, too), the lowdown on Madison’s underground dining scene, Iggers writes up Pacific Islander (a new Filipino place at Midtown Global Market), details on Summit events during Craft Beer Week, Cub Foods’s parent company announces it “will source 100 percent of its top-twenty wild-caught seafood products from sustainable fisheries or those on a clear pathway to sustainability by 2015,” a (mixed) blog review of Los Ocampo, a blog knock of Raising Cane’s chicken in Apple Valley, the local beer / cheese pairings from the Michael Agnew / Becca Dilley / James Norton class at Cooks of Crocus Hill (Oh, what a nosh that was!), and a look at how the DNR fosters the next generation of walleyes.