400 Microsoft Engineers Can’t All Be Wrong

If you’re just killing time until the weekend, why not read this zany, exceedingly long Craiglist post about a $200 “energy drink club” and its marketing plan? A very brief taste: “Derek Broes (along with a team of over 400 Microsoft software engineers) developed a patented application and a game that for the first time in history will capitalize on the Facebook craze. The game and application is about to be released with a fan-fare of media attention and when it does every Efusjon Energy Drink Club members Facebook page will change. When this change occurs your friends of Facebook will be amazed and curious about your new famed page. This will give you the perfect opportunity to share the Efusjon ‘home based business opportunity’ with them.”


  1. Bismillah Coriander

    I tried, and I tried, and I tried. But for the life of me, I could not comprehend what this article is about, or even what it was trying to say. Other than it’s some kind of a press release. I think.

  2. Rachele Victoria

    It’s a pyramid marketing scheme. The product isn’t important so much as the $30 membership onetime startup fee and the $120 monthly payment to efusjon for their “product.” You’d have to be a level 3 associate and recruit about 15 other people to buy into the same “associate level” scheme before you’d actually be profitting (based on their calculations).

    Wow. This “klint j torkelson” got himself into something serious.

    I love how the company is trying to be cutting edge by throwing in some hyped up language about a Facebook game that “for the first time in history will capitalize on the Facebook craze,” which will ultimately probably hijack your profile, spam everyone you know and blacklist your account from FB. And another area of interest – it takes 400 Microsoft software engineers to develop a patented application for Facebook??? Come on, teenagers can do it.

    But this Derek Broes name sounds convincing.
    LinkIN listed this info:
    Greater Los Angeles Area –
    Current CEO at F2F Development.
    Technology at Efusjon
    Senior Vice President, Digital Entertainment at Paramount Pictures

    Senior Director, Global Wireless Strategy at Microsoft Corporation
    Director, Strategy and Strategic Relations at Microsoft, Windows Division
    Chairman and CEO at Vidius, Inc (Now Port Authority)

    Oh God. Look at the Google results for his name – Derek Broes turns up this:

    Watch out…

    efusjon is coming and facebook is its accomplice.

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