The Churn: Surly Buys a Site and More

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

A visit to the Potter’s Pasties restaurant. A shocking breach of etiquette at the new Spill the Wine location. Some tastes of the output from Canal Park Brewing. Effusive praise for the breakfast sandwich at Maeve’s. DeRusha samples and enjoys the food at One Two Three Sushi (pictured above; here’s our review). The positive side to the Eternal Winter of 2013: Looks like a banner year for maple syrup production. How to steal (and reinvent) some great local pizzas. Praise for a Heavy Tabler’s interpretation of banana bread by James Beard. And Surly buys a site for its multimillion dollar destination brewery and beer garden.

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James Norton

James Norton is editor and co-founder of the Heavy Table. He is also the co-author of Lake Superior Flavors, the co-author of a book about Wisconsin’s master cheesemakers, and a regular on-air contributor to Minnesota Public Radio.

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