The Big Ol’ Monday Fair Roundup

Rick Nelson rates the Fair grub (warning: story features soul-chilling photo of a returned spirit eating a tater dog), Martha and Tom do the fair proud with their eating tour (and, hey, reference our own lengthy list!), Katie has shots of all the new food at the State Fair over on Metromix, A Crafty Lass wins two blue ribbons for canned goods (and here we salute Heavy Table shooter Becca Dilley who took a red for pickled watermelon rinds), Emily wants advice about how to do a whole day at the Fair and live (here’s a hint: the Romans did it!), Bill Roehl raves up the Pot Roast Sundae, the Gedney pickle Fair story by Sue, and the homebrew winners report via MNBeer.

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James Norton

James Norton is editor and co-founder of the Heavy Table. He is also the co-author of Lake Superior Flavors, the co-author of a book about Wisconsin’s master cheesemakers, and a regular on-air contributor to Minnesota Public Radio.

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  1. Thanks for the frequent shout-outs Heavy Table and a big congrats to Becca! I saw her watermelon rinds when I was there the other day and they looked perfect. Well done!

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