Upfront With Nicole Weiler and Tim Mulhair

Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table
Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table

Upfront is the Heavy Table’s effort to bring attention to the “front of the house,” and to generate discussion and debate about service in the Upper Midwest and beyond. Consisting of in-depth interviews, this series focuses on the experience of those who say, “Yes, Chef.” What, to them, constitutes “good service”? How do hosts, servers, bartenders, sommeliers, and managers navigate the dining environment as more and more self-identified “foodies” and self-appointed mixologists take to social media and dash off reviews on Yelp even before closing out their checks? How does front-of-the-house staff deal with the social, emotional, and physical demands of service? We really don’t know — so we decided to ask. (See the first installment of this series: Tim Niver of Strip Club Meat and Fish.)


A few months ago, we met Nicole Weiler, a razor sharp, vivacious woman who splits her time waiting tables between Barrio in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport (Terminal 2) and The Craftsman in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, all while studying at the University of Minnesota. Because Weiler could compare food service in the airport and “streetside” (server lingo for restaurants outside the airport), we knew we had to interview her for this series. She brought along Tim Mulhair, an insightful, charismatic bartender who also does double-duty at the airport (Barrio) and streetside (Jet Set in downtown Minneapolis). Weiler and Mulhair previously worked together in the G-concourse in Terminal 1, but left for Barrio just before G-Concourse implemented iPad service — both feared the new technology would reduce service to food delivery. Over an epic dinner at Corner Table, we had a lively conversation about the peculiarities, challenges, and opportunities of serving crowds who always have a flight to catch.

Job Security

Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table
Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table

HEAVY TABLE: What are some of the biggest differences between serving in the airport and outside the airport?

NICOLE WEILER: Well, it takes a long time to get to work, for one! And you still have to go through security every day and pay for parking. You get a staff rate, but … And making sure that you keep track of your badge, ’cause … if you lose that badge, it’s a hundred dollars to replace it. … And you can only lose it twice. The third time, it will be surrendered, and you can’t work in the airport for two years.

… You have to pack your bag correctly. You can’t bring your favorite drink into work. … If you want to have kombucha or something while you’re working, you have to go buy it at that inflated, five-dollars-a-bottle price.

TIM MULHAIR: And I think not having regulars, not having your friends come by to see you. It’s a weird thing. … People are like, “I can’t even go look at your restaurant, because it’s behind security.”

HEAVY TABLE: How often do you have to have trainings about security, regulations … ?

WEILER: We don’t?

HEAVY TABLE: You don’t?

MULHAIR: Not once you’re badged. … Which is an interesting process.

WEILER: You have to be fingerprinted and have an FBI background check to work at the airport.

Rock the Garden 2012 at the Walker Art Center

Rock the Garden 2012 at the Walker Art Center
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Lines at Rock the Garden 2012 snaked through the Sculpture Garden, as anxious festival goers waited to get inside to see the feature acts: Howler, tUnE-yArDs, Doomtree, Trampled by Turtles, and The Hold Steady.

We were there to check out the music and — of course — the food scene, which ranged from cupcakes to falafel and lemonade to beer.

Razz-Ma-Tazz and Betty Crocker cupcakes from Cupcake, Bacon Beer Brat from Chef Shack, and Ratatouille and Chevre and Pulled Pork and Coleslaw baguettes from Joe’s Garage.

Rock the Garden 2012 Food
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table
Jerry’s Fresh Cherry Lemonade, Chicken Taco from Barrio, Lamb Gyro from Best Way Gyros and the Mexican Falafel Sandwich from World Street Kitchen.
Rock the Garden 2012 Food
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Rock the Garden 2012 attendees cool off with Summit beer.

Summit Beer at Rock the Garden 2012
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Musical acts Howler and Doomtree.

Rock the Garden 2012 musical acts Howler and Doomtree
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

More music by Trampled by Turtles and tUnE-yArDs.

Rock the Garden 2012 music Trampled by Turtles and tUnE-yArDs
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Festival goers line up to enter the Rock the Garden grounds.

Rock the Garden 2012
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Click here for a full set of Rock the Garden 2012 photos.


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The Inn: Tim Niver and Aaron Johnson’s Newest Project

Tim Niver at The Inn
Lars Swanson / Heavy Table

A little more than a week after Subo closed its doors, the bamboo is coming down off the walls. The Asian-inspired paintings are getting crated up and the satin throw pillows are finding a new home.

What’s left behind are brick walls, barnwood accents, a hefty wooden bar, and interior window sashes in a long, dim space that looks an awful lot like an old-school tavern.

And that’s exactly what Tim Niver (above) saw in his mind’s eye when Subo’s owner, New York­-based businessman Jim Hays, approached him about taking over the space when the one-year-old Filipino-fusion eatery in downtown Minneapolis wasn’t living up to expectations.

Nothing’s set in stone, but look for The Inn, the newest project from Niver and his Town Talk Diner and Strip Club business partner Aaron Johnson, to open sometime in mid-November.

“Envision, back in the day, you walk into an inn and there are other travelers there and you raise a glass and tap it in the air and there’s beer coming down — that’s what I want,” Niver says. “That’s what an inn is. You walk in after getting off your horse and pull open this heavy wooden door and are immediately welcomed.”

Lars Swanson / Heavy Table

Niver, who still tends bar at The Strip Club and plans to remain deeply involved there, knows more than a thing or two about elevating comfort food. This time he says he’s hoping to put a European edge on it, with crocks filled with hearty stews, fish and chips, and steamed English puddings for dessert. (Spotted dick? Maybe.)

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