In Brief

Peppers and Fries in Longfellow, Minneapolis

Peppers and Fries has a humble exterior but a warm heart and some tasty dishes.

Mon Petit Cheri Bakery in Seward, Minneapolis

There are a few little bumps at the Seward neighborhood’s newest eatery, Mon Petit Cheri, but also some things done very well.

Joe Krummel / Heavy Table

Pub 819 in Hopkins

A new whiskey-focused pub in Hopkins has potential, but isn’t quite there yet.

Brenda Johnson / Heavy Table

Lunch Special at Royal Bangkok in St. Paul

Royal Bangkok’s $5 lunch is a hot spot on the quality-to-price index.

Daniel Murphy / Heavy Table

Dining at Surly Beer Hall

The dining program at the Surly Beer Hall, a pastiche of highbrow dishes and bar food, has its ups – and its downs.