August, 2010

Date Night at Ginger Hop and August 31 Tweet Rodeo

@ScottPampuch warns of imminent @TourdeFarm sell-out, @GingerHop_NE debuts a new date night test run, @Amck gives Mediterranean Deli’s spicy veggie […]

The Tin Cup’s Back in Business

We reported on the closure of the Tin Cup in St. Paul; it has subsequently re-opened and is offering a […]

Should You Find Yourself in Columbus, Ohio

Quick: What springs to mind when you hear the words “Columbus, Ohio”? If you’re like me — and, apparently, most […]

Pig Uteri, Awkward Photos, and Morning Roundup

CNN profiles a Minnesota farmer who’s fighting one of the Gulf of Mexico’s biggest “dead zones,” G Sheaves goes white […]

Heidi’s Works on a Comeback and August 30 Tweet Rodeo

“Shefzilla” Stewart Woodman works on the menu for the new location of @HeidisMpls, @RogueChocolate marvels in a disaster gone right, […]