Will the Real Chef Russo Please Step Forward?

That guy on Facebook calling himself “Chef Lenny Russo” is not, in fact, Chef Lenny Russo of Heartland. The real chef — we’re pretty sure — wrote a long column in the Star Tribune meditating on the sometimes elusive nature of online identity… and the general lack of legal recourse. (We wrote a few weeks ago about a fake Nick and Eddie Twitter account.)

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  1. Restaurant veteran

    I can really empathize with Lenny. He writes a very strong article and argument for regulating social networks. I recently discovered the same thing (my former restaurant I owned) on Facebook with an account representing my Restaurant, including photos, business logo’s and more. After looking into it (I have an individual facebook account unlike Lenny) I discovered the account had been set up by a bartender who had been fired for theft. My attempts at removing the account have failed to date as well.
    I have known Lenny since he moved here and can believe him when he says he will exhaust all options available to him.
    Do as Lenny suggests and if you are on FB as an Chef Lenny Russo “Fan” remove your self and/ or individually report the person to F.B. It may help.
    It reminds me, however, as I have a trip planned to St. Paul Wild game!) on Wednesday to pay Heartland a visit for a pre-game meal!

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