WI Meat on the Move and Morning Roundup

Wisconsin specialty meat plants that are state-inspected may soon by able to ship their products across state lines, how to balance food writing and not gaining tons of weight, St. Croix Economic Development Corporation names Future Farm (we profiled their tilapia farm last year) as its business of the year, the Beer Genome project tastes and talks about Boom Island beer, the continuing hilarious saga of my favorite racy pro-North Dakota tourism ad that “wasn’t meant to be racy,” a review of Whole Grain Milling chips, Wikipedia’s “Drinking establishments in Minnesota” lists three locations total, a look at Mankato Brewery, praise for Sun Street’s knackwurst appetizer combo, Vita.mn tours casino restaurants and other gambling-focused eateries, and a tour of the Tangletown neighborhood featuring Sun Street Breads, Sweets Bakeshop, and more.