What’s Up With Figlio, Meow?

Head cat over at Parasole, Phil Roberts, has been meowing on Twitter as of late: “about to MEOW in November….in Figlio space in Uptown…remember…cats like fish.” Perhaps he shared the new name: “Bustopher Jones is not skin & bones. Infact he’s remarkably fat. He’s the cat we all meet as we walk down the street. He’s the new Figlio cat.” Meow.

UPDATE: Il Gatto is the name.


  1. ryanol

    me thinks his tweets are a little bit waco. could it be a value play serving fish taco. We’ll just have to wait around for a hint or decree, perhaps he is just lame enough to name it after a p*ssy.

  2. Jeremy

    Seems like they are going to be opening a can of tuna with the tweets.

    Think they will be smart enough to bring Liberty Custard malts to this space? Might help Dara’s reviews considering her thoughts about Burger Jones.

  3. ryanol

    wait just a minute…aaron likes cats, aaron follows phil, phil tweets about cats, aaron talks about phils new project…Im starting to figure out how this social media thing works afterall ;)

  4. Geoff

    what Nate said.
    “It’s clever. Very clever. How’s that working out for you?”
    -Tyler Durden

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