Waconia’s Green Room to Close

Co-owner Tom Peterson of the Green Room sent a recent email to customers reading, in part: “It is with mixed emotion that we’ll be closing our doors and saying goodbye to The Green Room and to Waconia. We’ve had a great four year run and we’re very grateful for the Waconia community and all of the foodies in the western suburbs. Our last official day of business will be Saturday, January 23rd. Please stop in for lunch or dinner before then. We are happy to have reached a deal with former staffers, Tracy LeTourneau and Craig Sharp who will be taking over the space. They will be opening the doors to their new place in early February and will be honoring Green Room gift certificates. Stay tuned….”


  1. S.P.

    Waconia should be ashamed for not fully supporting this gem. You can take the town out of the country…..

  2. Mike S

    SP, that’s unfair. There’s a little thing called a recession going on.

    My wife and I were weekly to bi-weely regulars. In 2009 our income was cut in half. 50%, gone. We cut corners in other spots in our lives to retain a monthly trip to The Green Room. It was a luxury we couldn’t support at the same level, but one we felt obligated to support due to the people and the wonderful business they created.

    So is their departure our fault?

    Either you work in an industry that hasn’t felt the sting of this incredible recession (in which case I envy you) or you’re being completely unrealistic.

  3. S.P.

    They have struggled since they opened.

    So while I too understand the effects of the recession and was aware of what it’s called, I don’t think Waconia has enough population as enlightened as you and your wife to support something requiring a somewhat refined palate. I wish you the best.

  4. Dawn H.

    I am so bummed. I loved the Green Room, the food was/is fabulous and it will be greatly missed. I am shocked this is the first I have heard. I am a country bumkin and don’t get the news as quickly as you city folk!

  5. Jeannie W

    I for one am looking forward to the opening of the new restaurant. Fresh new ideas are welcome. The new owners have worked the Green Room for several years. Chef Craig Sharp has always brought fabulous entrees to the table. Tracy LeTourneau’s expertise in her wine suggestions has always been wonderful.
    Looking ahead with anticipation…..

    Jeannie W.

  6. Craig Sharp

    I love The Green Room as well, that’s why I am buying it :) Tracy and I have worked there for two years. It has been very good to us and so has Waconia, so I believe that Waconia does deserve a restaurant like this. Tom, Matty and Keven have set the standard in the area and have done a great deal to educate and inspire the local crowd. We are very excited to have such a great opportunity to build on what they have already begun. Tracy and I have a lot of experience and we are confident that we will continue to grow the business, but we do need the support of the community. Our menu is not drastically different and we hope that we will honor all that The Green room has stood for. We will be opening as Terra Waconia in early February. Check us out on Facebook.

  7. Waconia Hick

    Let me start out by saying that The Green Room will be missed. They had delicious food and great friendly service. I am also very excited for Terra Waconia and will also support this restaurant. Now to the previous comments posted by S.P. “Waconia should be ashamed for not fully supporting this gem. You can take the town out of the country…” and my favorite,”I don’t think Waconia has enough population as enlightened as you and your wife to support something requiring a somewhat refined palate.” Give me a break. Why don’t you just come out and say what you really mean, Waconia residents are bunch of meatheads who wouldn’t know good food if it slapped them in the face. Who talks like that about a whole city? Or, maybe you thought no one from Waconia would see your comments because you didn’t think we had the internet here yet.

  8. RJS

    The Green Room had very good food–I used to go there when in town for client lunch meetings. Probably not the place a family of 5 is going to go for a Saturday night meal and that combined with a 60% failure rate for restaurants is a hurdle for any restaurant in any town. If Waconia was full of beer swilling meatheads, I would think the BBQ joint on the west end of town would till be in bussiness. BTW–some of my best friends are beer swilling meatheads.

  9. Tracy

    Yes, Terra opened Wednesday the 10th. Dinner only right now. Monday through Saturday 5:00 to 9:00. Friday and Saturday 5:00 to 10:00.

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