Urban Farming Classes and January 3 Tweet Rodeo

The latest from Twitter: @sewardcoop plugs a series of urban farming classes @AugsburgCollege, @Peace_Coffee rolls out a seasonal Bolivian brew, @iowafoodie reviews some fine gas station BBQ at @OklahomaJoesBBQ in Kansas City, and @CoastalSeafoods in Minneapolis is closed for remodeling until January 9.


  1. Moe

    Oklahoma Joe’s is pretty much the greatest BBQ in KC. The Z-Man sandwich (brisket, onion rings, provolone) is really incredible, but so are the burnt ends.

    BTW, can we please get burnt ends somewhere in Mpls soon?

  2. Moe

    Also, it reminds me that I need to write up a KC BBQ review and submit it here. KC counts as Upper Midwest, doesn’t it?

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