Tuesday To-Do List

Metro Magazine’s Mecca Bos-Williams blogs on a couple good ideas for dining out tonight. She mentions Sample Circuit and a few other options. What’s on your plate this evening?


  1. Aaron Landry

    Tipster Brian clued me to this over at Al Vento tonight:

    Tuesday “Date Night” Menu
    April 7, 2009

    Join us for a three-course meal for only $20!

    ~ 1st Course ~

    Caponata bruschetta

    Artichoke sundried tomato
    and fresh mozzarella

    Spinach pesto bruschetta

    White bean and mint bruschetta

    Sicilian stuffed mushrooms
    with pine nuts and mother sauce

    ~ 2nd Course ~
    with romaine hearts, parmesan
    reggiano and crostini
    with balsamic vinaigrette
    blood orange and fennel

    ~ 3rd Course ~
    with mother sauce
    and housemade meatballs
    with mother sauce
    and fresh mozzarella
    with beef chuck ragu tomato
    and gorgonzola
    Fennel Sausage Pizza
    with tomato and goat cheese

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