Too Many Ways to Use Too Many Cucumbers 3

Too Many Ways to Use Too Many Cucumbers

Every other Monday throughout the summer and fall while locally raised produce is spectacular and abundant, the Heavy Table will be exploring vegetarian cuisine, both in the kitchen and at local eateries. Read other stories in this series.

Chopped up cucumbers
Lori Writer / Heavy Table

Glorious August.
Long days, borealis nights.
Cukes, by the bucket.

Recipe haiku.
Heavy Table’s answer to
excess cukes: bad rhyme.

Tired of pickling?
Drink your cukes instead: iced, spiced
Agua Fresca. Ahhhh.

Lemonade Chiller,
tart and sweet. Leaves you cool as
any cucumber.

Sorbet with Salsa,
spiced, spiked palate refresher.
Minnesota ice.

Want to heat things up?
Batter and fry them. State Fair
style, but sans the stick.

Saute them: nutmeg,
herbs and butter. Princess Kay
and Court would be proud.

Too Many Ways to Use Too Many Cucumbers 3
Lori Writer / Heavy Table

Cucumber pizza
sounds totally wrong. Try it.
It might surprise you.

Around the world in
eighty salads: Korea.
JapanChina, smacked!

Vietnam. Turkey.
Greece. Israel. Morocco.
Cukes grow everywhere.

Whoops, your cuke is Hmong?
This Mint Cooler is for you!
Cuke that tastes like fruit.

Got melon and cukes?
Stir things up with Granita.
Vegetable ice cream?

Vexed by zukes and cukes?
Sliced thin, fragrant with mint. Call
it spaghetti squash.

Cold Cucumber Soup
calls for six cukes. Clean out the

Too many tomatoes? Check out our tomato-ku.

Too Many Ways to Use Too Many Cucumbers
Lori Writer / Heavy Table


  1. Midwesterner

    Perfect timing. Relatives and neighbors brought us tomatoes and cucumbers this weekend. Must – Cook – TODAY

  2. Amy P.

    This is TOO funny, makes me want to go and buy some cucumbers from the farmer’s market today. Thanks for a laugh on a Monday morning!

  3. Terrie P.

    I think this would be a good example of writing for an English class and I did enjoy all your ways for cukes. We’ll have to do more than jus =t pickle them!!

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