Today’s Newsletter: Woodfired Cantina and HEather’S

Today in the Heavy Table Churn newsletter: a review of the newly opened Woodfired Cantina at Keg and Case in St. Paul. It’s an ambitious space with well-executed but relatively tame food, and splitting the difference may not be able to take this spot the distance.

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Also: a visit to Heather’s, a South Minneapolis neighborhood standby that’s drawn a loyal following.

Plus! Heavy Table’s biweekly Hot Five, including a taste of the new Cafe Dashfire line of hard coffees. Look for an in-depth look at Cafe Dashfire and interview with founder Lee Egbert next Friday in the Tap.

From today’s edition of the Churn:

Dashfire has made a name for itself with its exquisite, carefully crafted bitters, and kept its head above the rough economic waters of the pandemic with ready-to-drink cocktails in a can. Now the company is rolling out a series of beautifully crafted hard coffees that redefine the genre. A few tasting notes for the turmeric-dashed Rum Golden Latte: it’s remarkably smooth and rich, peppered with deep notes of spice (primarily nutmeg and turmeric), and pleasantly rummy without any of the unpleasant burn or chemical aftertaste that can come from a spirits-mixed coffee beverage.