Today’s Newsletter: CHX in Minneapolis, Rare Beer Finding and More


If you’ve been wondering about CHX, the intriguing fried chicken window in Uptown, Minneapolis, wonder no more – we’ve got the back story and some delicious bites of chicken to talk about, plus a biscuit to die for, all in today’s Tap newsletter. Not getting the Tap? Visit us on Patreon and support the Heavy Table at $10/month to subscribe to the Tap and (on alternate weeks) the Churn, as well.

About those biscuits, Lauren Sauer writes:

But the honey buttermilk biscuits? Now, I’ve never even stolen so much as a pack of gum in my life, but for those, I would throw my law-abiding sensibilities to the wind to take part in a biscuit heist.

Also in this week’s newsletter: beer writer Louis Livingston-Garcia follows up on his story about the difficult-to-craft brews of Forager with a Rare Beer 101 guide to getting involved in the rare beer acquisition / trading / enjoyment scene.

Plus! Restaurant openings, closings, and upcoming debuts! Thoughts about the industry surviving the pandemic, and the condition we’ll likely be in on the other side! Upper Midwestern culinary news from all around the Web! We’ll see you there, and thanks for backing our team.