Tod Foley Design Company [sponsored]

Aaron Landry, producer of the Heavy Table, here. I want to introduce you to Tod Foley, a local designer and friend you should know. I worked with him at a design agency years ago where we worked with both smaller local businesses as well as Fortune 500 clients. I subsequently chose him for design work on small companies and campaigns I was involved with later on.

When Jim and I were starting The Heavy Table, Tod was the first and last person we talked with to get advice on our visual identity. For example, he took our logo ideas and turned around with what’s now the iconic Heavy Table logo – something completely different than what we were thinking but fell in love with. He’s also done a lot of other visual work for us — our Atlas of Ethical Eating and our printed rate cards, for instance.

If you have a great project, brand, or campaign that you need visually represented as great as (or better than!) it is, Tod is someone you’ll want to start talking with sooner than later. Send him a note.