The Next Two Years of Heavy Table Hosting: Brought to You By Bite Squad

Courtesy of Bite Squad

The Heavy Table is proud to have posted nearly 7,000 different stories about food and drink over the course of its nine-year history. And even though the site is suspending publication, we want to keep all of those stories, photos, illustrations, and videos available for readers like you.

Enter the online food delivery mavens at Bite Squad. They’ll be sponsoring the next two years of Heavy Table hosting fees to keep our stories online. “From our perspective, we are a business that was built on the great Twin Cities food scene, who is a fan of another business built on the great Twin Cities food scene,” says Craig Key, Bite Squad’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re excited for James, but sad to see the Heavy Table go…and the least we could do is to make sure the content sticks around.”

We’re grateful to Bite Squad for their support, and will be staying in touch with them as the years go by as we place orders for mushu pork at Lao Sze Chuan, banh mi from Lu’s, pizza from Andrea, and much more.


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