The Left Handed Cook in Midtown Global Market

DWITT / Heavy Table


  1. Jon

    I checked this place out today. It must have been an off day.

    I had a Short Rib Bop Bowl. The short rib was cooked perfectly but was bland! A little seasoning would have gone a long way. Also, too much rice and not enough of the other ingredients. The Parmesan truffle fries sounded good. However, the fries were out of a Sysco bag. There is really no excuse for not hand cutting fries anymore. I also tried their soft shell crab sandwich. There was a tiny crab and way too much bun. The 21 spice chicken tenders were also a disappointment. My girlfriend commented that for having 21 spices, they didn’t taste very spicy.

    We left our $37 meal mostly uneaten and started over at Sonara Grill. Sonara Grill is legit. Left Handed Cook needs improvement.

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