The Heavy Table Spring 2011 Reader Survey

Aaron Landry / Heavy Table

The Heavy Table has been publishing food and beverage stories for over two years and we like to check in every so often and learn more about you. Your feedback helps us prioritize content to your interests, tells us what we’re doing right and wrong, and tells our sponsors what’s important to you. Even if you filled out our survey in a previous year, we encourage you to fill it out again. It should take only a minute. Thank you for your time and for reading The Heavy Table.

Aaron Landry

UPDATE: The survey is now closed. Thanks to the 559 of you who responded. Some quick stats about you, the survey respondents: 63% of you dine out at least once a week, 89% of you are considered by friends and family as a resource on restaurants or food, farmers’ markets are your favorite place to buy groceries, 90% of you consider cooking as an interest, 54% of you seek out craft beer, 23% of you have a blog, half of you are between the ages 26 and 35, 86% of you have earned at least a four-year degree and there’s a 62% chance you’re female. Want to see the whole summary? [PDF]