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The Bachelor Farmer (opens late July)

50 2nd Ave N, Minneapolis |

On the PBS show New Scandinavian Cooking, three chefs create modern versions of classic Nordic fare to share with friends at program’s end. And every time, I swoon at the prospect of eating such high-quality Scandinavian food.

Queue up Paul Berglund for an Americanized version of that show.

Berglund (above) is chef at The Bachelor Farmer, a new restaurant opening in the Warehouse District later this month with an emphasis on high-quality, approachable Nordic cuisine.

Scott Theisen / Heavy Table

The Tap was invited to a festive dinner recently at Berglund’s Minneapolis condo, where he and his wife, Kelli, hosted The Bachelor Farmer team to eat, drink, schmooze, and kick around ideas for the eventual menu. Owned by Gov. Mark Dayton’s sons, Eric (above right) and Andrew (above left), the restaurant and its downstairs counterpart, Marvel Bar, aims to bring a sophisticated kick of top-notch food and libations to a historic building near Target Field.

Over drinks by Pip Hanson (below), the cocktail fanatic recently of Cafe Maude who is head bartender at Marvel Bar and behind The Bachelor Farmer’s drink menu, the Daytons and Berglund outlined their vision for high-quality Scandinavian food using local ingredients.


Scott Theisen / Heavy Table

“It’s in the spirit of the Nordic cuisines,” Berglund said of his evolving menu. “It’s not only Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, it’s Iceland and Finland and Greenland, but more than that, it’s just trying to be the best representation of the food that we’re getting in the door. A lot of that is Minnesota food, it’s Wisconsin food, it’s Iowa food. We share here in Minnesota a heritage with the Nordic region, so it’s kind of a celebration of that.”

To prepare for opening, the Bachelor Farmer team has been meeting on Sunday nights for weeks now: Paul and sous chef Kelsey Bergstrom provide a feast, general manager Nathan Rostance brings the wine, Hanson mixes drinks, and discussion ensues, all with the goal of getting the menu right for opening night.

Scott Theisen / Heavy Table

“It’s been a great learning experience,” Berglund said. “It’s been great getting to know the people you’re working around, Eric, Andrew, Nathan, and Pip … I’d say that we’ve gotten a lot closer, from these dinners. That’s been wonderful. It’s also been a great learning experience for me and a creative experience developing the menu.”

The affable Berglund was chef at Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, CA, before moving to Minneapolis to work first at Rustica and then Heartland, baking bread at each. Quickly earning a name locally, Berglund was referred to the Daytons during their chef search.

“Alex Roberts, of Alma, is a friend of mine and Andrew’s,” Eric Dayton said. “And he had been consulting on the kitchen and designing the kitchen, because we didn’t have a chef in place yet. So Paul was working at Heartland, and Lenny [Russo] passed Paul’s resume along to Alex, who passed it along to us. So we figured anyone who came to us via Lenny Russo and Alex Roberts was worth a serious look.”

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The Bachelor Farmer will have a rooftop chef’s garden, and Berglund plans to liberally cook with what he grows, even yet this season. “I think tomatoes will come on next year, the lead time is too long this year, but we’re going to have little lettuces, plenty of herbs, cucumbers, beans, little baby carrots, peppers, kale.

“I think pickled beets are wonderful, and we’re going to try a couple of pickled vegetables with one of the dishes and see what we like. It’s a real classic Nordic dish, meatballs, mashed potatoes, lingonberries.”

The Daytons’ plan is ambitious — The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar will share the historic building with a men’s clothing store — but their goal is not to stray from the laid-back neighborhood vibe.

Scott Theisen / Heavy Table

“Both of us live close by and love the area,” Andrew Dayton said, “and we’re going to go out of our way to make this a place where people feel comfortable. I think the building will do that. It does offer a different restaurant experience. We’re trying to keep the real soul of the building and trying to preserve as much of the real patina that comes with 130 years, and the same with the ingredients.

“You don’t have to jerry-rig a great pickled beet just to do it right. It’ll speak for itself.”


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  1. Moe

    I am so looking forward to this place. I hope it lives up to the hype I’ve created for it in my mind.

    Also, so sad that Cloggy’s closed.

  2. Wayport

    We made reservations at for 6.30 and arrived at 6.15 to check-in with the hostess. we wanted to visit the much praised Marvel Bar and told to be sure to be back for our 6.30 time slot as the restaurant was very busy, we seated ourselves in the bar. We dutifully ordered those Woodhill Cheetos and our drinks. Alas, service of drinks was so painfully slow, we asked our young attentive server to bring them upstairs so that we might claim our table, The drinks were of quality, I loved the iceberg size cube in my Old Fashioned. Strangely, when we ordered a second round at the dinner table our guests could not have a refill of Dewar’s scotch as the ‘upstairs’ bar had none, ‘just two remaining shots of Johnny Walker Red’ to offer for blended scotch whisky.
    Our server, Johanna from Seattle, delightful, sent from Central Casting for this Nordic themed diner?
    The menu, brief and to the point but no fish for an entree. We enjoyed grav laks and meatballs, each 100% preparations and presentations as skillful as any at the late Jean Georges’.
    Dessert offering, not big in Norway failed in that there was no Risengrot (rice pudding) traditional dish, topped with syltetoy (jam) makes it delicious.
    The warm and courtly proprietor Eric was working the floor, stopped by our table, we told him how we enjoyed dinner but how we missed Dewars and rice pudding, he promised us they would work on that.
    A good spot for a casual enteratining in an ‘Ole and Lena shop Ikea’ setting.

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