October 1 Recipe Roundup

Stuffed maple burger with spicy apple compote (inspired by The Blue Door), baked shrimp in tomato-feta sauce, sun-dried tomatoes by way of the oven, green curry zucchini bisque, maple hoecakes (who you callin’… oh, never mind), chocolate bundt cake with brown sugar and walnut layers, squash bisteeya, oatmeal sweet potato muffins, and fresh fig, prosciutto, […]


July 30 Morning Roundup

The Twin Cities Perfect Pint Beer Club enjoys a night of nine different Belgian brews, these coconut zucchini blondies will put your extra zucchinis to good use, some tempting pizza gets sliced up on the Heavy Table’s Flickr pool, cross those Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies off your grocery list and make these instead, and it’s […]


July 24 Tweet Rodeo

Zucchini’s in season, and everyone has ideas on how to use it. @MplsFarmMarket suggests a breakfast dish, @Cookbook has a recipe for a cocoa-zucchini loaf, @Fireroast just whipped up a zucchini soup with caramelized onions, sage, and toasted walnuts, and @LucyWaverman provides an idea for a simple zucchini sauté. @CoopEats offers a “Locavore’s Lunch and […]