July 24 Tweet Rodeo

Zucchini’s in season, and everyone has ideas on how to use it. @MplsFarmMarket suggests a breakfast dish, @Cookbook has a recipe for a cocoa-zucchini loaf, @Fireroast just whipped up a zucchini soup with caramelized onions, sage, and toasted walnuts, and @LucyWaverman provides an idea for a simple zucchini sauté. @CoopEats offers a “Locavore’s Lunch and Learn” — plus a discount if you sign up by noon!, @CafeMaude boasts some tasty-looking flatbread, CHOW_Com shows how to make kimbap — mmmmm!, and @LocavoreBlog posts news of Monsanto GM corn in South Africa — its massive failure to re-seed is costing farmers millions.