World Street Kitchen

Palomino to Close and Morning Roundup

A warm (but not rave) write-up of Flamingo by Bill Roehl (read our profile of their restaurant here), a cookbook by defensive end Jared Allen, Palomino is closing and a new Crave will replace it, the food at Duplex gets somewhat panned, and Mecca snacks at Il Gatto, Travail, Northeast Social, and World Street Kitchen.


“Wet” Release and October 11 Tweet Rodeo

@TCFOODFINDS wants to see an increase in neighborly cookie-baking, @MplsFarmMarket shares a “mystery melon,” @WannaBangkok announces a few remaining seats for their Polynesian Tiki Dinner, @EatWSK1 whets the palate for today’s debut of the “chino borrito,” speaking of “whet” — @SurlyBrewer is now packaging “Wet,” and @FEASTmpls plans their next event.


Yum-Yums, Free Sake, and September 28 Tweet Rodeo

@ZippsBeer commends @SurlyBrewing on a new feature on their cans, @SweetMsFarm’s CSA sale is running a few more days, @TroutCaviar declares the new “black” (hint: it should come as no surprise), @EatWSK1 unveils the “Yum-Yum Rice Bowl” (including fried egg and yum-yums!), and @Motoi2Go turns two — and offers free sake to celebrate.