Veg-Giving and October 26 Tweet Rodeo

@FACESMearsPark invites you to the BOOs Crawl in Lowertown this weekend, @CommonRoots taps @SurlyBrewing Darkness at 5pm, @CakeEaterBakery plans a Halloween party prior to their reset to winter hours, @BetsyKroon seeks a vegetarian Thanksgiving night out (via @DeRushaEats), and, if you’re in Duluth, @Brewhouse1 has 1/2 price wine bottles all day — so drink off […]


BARS Bakery and September 13 Tweet Rodeo

Want a high-end veggie restaurant in the cities? Sound off to @YoungChef2, @BARSBakery (former Swede Hollow Cafe owner Sandi Younkin’s latest project)¬†opens its doors, @FoxyFalafel dreams of owning a food truck, @SewardCoop offers fresh hen of the woods mushrooms for your cooking pleasure, and @DandelionKtchn posts their schedule for the week.