Apr. 23 Morning Roundup

Tacos Blass has closed at Nicollet and 38th, Philip Dorwart tells you how to forage dandelions and stinging nettles, Taylor checks out the 501 Club, sushi and thumbprint cookies over at The Mess Maker Baker, and Trout Caviar whips up an outrageously delicious looking real maple syrup-inflected Cassoulet “Carcajou.”


Jan. 10 Morning Roundup

Girl Friday is featured on Sexy Food, an Andrew Zimmern joint on the Travel Channel that airs at 9 and 10pm tonight, the always-excellent Tanpopo has an intriguing sushi workshop coming up March 22, Reetsyburger reviews Ngon Vietnamese bistro, and Twin Cities Eats nails the Leaning Tower of Pizza for its “DRY” pies.