July 24 Tweet Rodeo

Zucchini’s in season, and everyone has ideas on how to use it. @MplsFarmMarket suggests a breakfast dish, @Cookbook has a recipe for a cocoa-zucchini loaf, @Fireroast just whipped up a zucchini soup with caramelized onions, sage, and toasted walnuts, and @LucyWaverman provides an idea for a simple zucchini sauté. @CoopEats offers a “Locavore’s Lunch and […]


June 22 Tweet Rodeo

@MplsFarmMarket needs your vote to win $5,000, @AsherBMiller of 20.21 comments on the irony of a line of port-a-potties outside the Walker for Rock the Garden, @TownTalkDiner links to a discussion of happy hour with master bartender Nick Kosevich, @TCFoodies reports recent taco truck sightings and recommends watching the new film “Food, Inc.,” and @NgonBistro […]


May 18 Morning Roundup

Summit’s Mark Stutrud takes a stand against a proposed exorbitant beer tax, Aaron of The Captain’s Chair echoes the call, Rachel hails smelt season, Stuff About Minneapolis invokes this magazine’s name while pouring scorn upon Sarpino’s Pizza, Kare11’s story on Surly (via, this Tuesday Acadia Cafe is offering $10 six-shooters (six 5-oz beer pours, […]