Gastro Non Grata Returns to Sea Change

The next Gastro Non Grata takes place on the patio of Sea Change, featuring dishes by Mike DeCamp (La Belle Vie), Shawn Smalley (Smalley’s Caribbean Barbecue), Erik Andersen (Sea Change), and Tim McKee (you name it). $5 wristband for entry includes a gratis Pabst Tall Boy; four courses for $25 and $7 for each additional […]


Thoma and Becker Redux

Dara breaks it down vis-a-vis Josh Thoma and Isaac Becker, checking in on the fiscal health of the restaurants involved (looks like La Belle Vie and Solera will be fine; Smalley’s, well, maybe not), mulling the role of media in scandal situations such as this one, and getting some good quotes from Becker on the […]