Sea Change

July 22 Tweet Rodeo

What does Tim McKee’s much awaited Sea Change serve for a grand opening? @AmandaHankerson photographed the spread, while @CookingWithKARE shares a recipe for sautéed sea scallops. @Rick_Bayless spouts off a tantalizing assortment of new courses for the menu of his Chicago restaurant Topolobampo (a little cooking inspiration, perhaps?), @MplsFarmMarket promotes its new Tuesday Evening Market […]


Dara Delivers

Dara has a hell of a useful and information-dense blog post including details on the new Tim McKee sustainable seafood joint (Sea Change), which opens July 20 in the old Cue location at the Guthrie… but you can already try some of the food, apparently. Also: Updates on St. Paul’s Barrio opening, a rave review […]