July 22 Tweet Rodeo

What does Tim McKee’s much awaited Sea Change serve for a grand opening? @AmandaHankerson photographed the spread, while @CookingWithKARE shares a recipe for sautéed sea scallops. @Rick_Bayless spouts off a tantalizing assortment of new courses for the menu of his Chicago restaurant Topolobampo (a little cooking inspiration, perhaps?), @MplsFarmMarket promotes its new Tuesday Evening Market events, @Spill_the_Wine urges you to reserve a last-minute seat at their Farmers Market Dinner this Friday, @AVTwinCities seeks the ultimate eggs benedict in the metro area, and, according to @Atlantic_Food, author Anna Trapido took a new angle in chronicling Nobel Peace Prize-winner Nelson Mandela’s anti-apartheid efforts, and instead focuses her  “gastro-political biography” on Mandela’s “Hunger for Freedom”.