Sauce Out, Rojo IN and November 3 Tweet Rodeo

@BARSbakery extends their hours to Sunday — and, to celebrate, they’re offering free samples and coffee; @chezdanielMN donates the proceeds of their crème brûlée to @ChildrensMN all month, @SEVENMPLS resumes all-you-can-eat sushi on Mondays, @ScottPampuch offers cooking classes once again, and @AliShops notes the disappearance of Sauce (read our review here) to provide more space […]


Q Fanatic in Champlin

For Twin Citians, there are only two real downsides to Q Fanatic: no liquor license and the long-ass drive to Champlin. Everything else about this place: the ribs, the beef brisket, the sides — reflects love, sweat and care. Q Fanatic nails what may be the most challenging aspect of producing consistently good BBQ — […]