Rye Deli

Charcuterie Rising and Morning Roundup

A look at the evolution of local charcuterie, a new Madison-area place called the Cookhouse, Murray’s gets a remodel, Rick does a culinary survey of the Midtown Global Market, a visit to Rye Deli (here’s our analysis), a guide to local brewpubs, Indeed Brewing Company announces its taproom opening, and tasting notes for Dave’s BrewFarm […]


Much Ado About Rye Deli

If you’re familiar with the saying “Two Jews, three opinions,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there hasn’t been a consensus — among all deli lovers, not just Jewish ones — on Rye Deli in Minneapolis since it opened in November. First, we liked it. Then Andrew Zimmern hated it. Shefzilla backed him up. […]


Rye Deli Judged Again and Morning Roundup

How a woman named Sarah Kowal is working to raise money to found WeatherVane Creamery, a River Falls, WI-based “Wisconsin-only specialty shop and café featuring farmstead, artisan and specialty cheeses”; winter-grown Minnesota sprouts from Pyramid Sprouters; reviews of Baldy’s BBQ in Lakeville and Zamboni’s Pizza in St. Paul; a new WACSO sketch (hangin’ at Starbucks […]