June 1 Recipe Roundup

Apparently, a three-day weekend plus ripe rhubarb equals a recipe avalanche. Cantonese chicken stir fry, chewy cookies with oatmeal and toffee bits, mushroom leek ragu, Italian- (not Range-) inspired porchetta, hoisin and sugar snap peas tofu, Bluegrass Iced Tea, oregano green beans, sunshine cake, rhubarb chutney, sour cream cornmeal pancakes with blueberry rhubarb compote, pork […]


April 23 Tweet Rodeo

@YoungChef2 gauges interest for cooking classes and demos at @LaBelleVie_MN, @BlackCatNatFood rejoices over early local rhubarb, @ModernCafeMpls comments on some computer system problems, @SimpleGoodTasty hosts their next event at @GalacticPizza — with free appetizers, and @MplsFarmMarket hosts even more local growers than ever.


June 15 Morning Roundup: Part II

Simple, Good, and Tasty profiles the locally produced beverage Unpeeled, Sue Doeden does some terrifying Cider-Planked Stuffed Bananas that look like special effects from Aliens, The Captain’s Chair discovers an obscure but apparently decent Wisconsin brewery called Central Waters, the Dutch oven thread heats up over at Lazy Lightning, Chris uses his psychic powers to […]