Raghavan Iyer

A Kombucha Shake-Up and Morning Roundup

Local brand Unpeeled comes out on top in an alcoholic kombucha scare, Raghavan Iyer and Om part ways, Steph March visits the Ale Jail, Meritage hosts another Tour de France, Kobayashi calls it quits, Sukie of Adventures in Thai Food has an awful experience at Royal Orchid in the Minneapolis skyway, Jeremy Iggers ditches his weight […]


A Chat with the Curry Master

The Daily Beast interviews local Indian curry master Raghavan Iyer of 660 Curries fame and, not surprisingly, the dude knows his stuff. His favorite meal to cook for family and friends: “Tapioca pearl fritters with a coconut-sesame-seed sauce; chile-garlic potatoes dipped in chickpea flour, fried golden brown and stuffed into sandwich buns smothered with a […]


Mar. 10 Morning Roundup

Har Mar Superstar will be guest bartending at two Grumpy’s locations this Wednesday and Saturday [via City Pages], Iggers talks to chef/author Raghavan Iyer of the upcoming pan-regional Indian restaurant Om, Chowhound leeniebeanie kneecaps The Strip Club, the Suggestion Boxer does a fake meat rundown, and Brian of East-Lake.net digs what Jasmine 26 is cooking […]