pork belly

Buxtahooda and Morning Roundup

Where to eat pork belly (but no Corner Table? come on!), the Nick & Eddie team is planning to open a new spot (proposed name: Bellmore) in the Warehouse district, an appealing-looking meet-the-farmer event at Trotter’s on Aug. 24 (PDF with information), details on local cereal makers Minnesota Goodness and Urban Graze, you gotta love […]


Long Live Independent Food Trucks! and August 5 Tweet Rodeo

@HeidisMpls visits and talks up Salt Spring Island goat cheese, @SwedeHollowCafe hosts a photo contest, @ChefShack1 justifies the street food movement (and comments on the influx of mobile corporate outposts), @Organic_Valley sweetens the pot for its latest contest by donating $1 for each entry, @DearDara and @DeRushaEats speak highly of Smack Shack (despite the drug pusher-esque […]


Pork Belly Class at Corner Table

“Four years ago we couldn’t sell pork belly. Now it’s all anybody wants.” – Chef Scott Pampuch of Corner Table Earlier this week, Corner Table’s Chef Scott Pampuch led one in his series of cooking classes – this one focused on pork belly. Pampuch cooks a multi-course tasting menu prepared around the theme for a […]