August 7 Morning Roundup

Kate in the Kitchen plays with the Demy, a touchscreen-based recipe gadget, a brilliant-looking Crispin Cider brined pork and braised kohlrabi recipe posted by A Good Appetite in response to our Summer Grilling Adventures contest (entries due Aug. 16, get grilling), Bill Roehl gently pans the pho at Cam Ranh Bay, Simple, Good, and Tasty […]


July 27 Morning Roundup Part II

Simple, Good, and Tasty gets a tour of the Minneapolis Farmers Market from Fresh and Local host Susan Berkson and leaves with a full belly — highlights include Egyptian onions, southern-style beans, and bacon burgers! — A Good Appetite makes a good-looking fig and blueberry crisp, Chowhounds discuss the best local place for pho, and A […]