People Serving People

Fair Food Fight Night and July 20 Tweet Rodeo

@DeRushaEats covers the latest @P_S_P fundraising dinner, hosted by JD Fratzke (for more information, check out our review of a previous dinner in April), @LoringKitchen offers half-priced wine bottles, @FreshTartSteph points to Hemingway’s favorite concoction, aptly named “Death in the Afternoon,” @EmilyNystrom notes a spelling error found on many a menu, and @FairFoodFight hosts a “fight night” discussion on animal welfare.


A Tale of Two Dinners

Iggers, compelling as ever, surfaces at People Serving People and documents both a humble dinner for the homeless and a grand banquet/fundraiser for potential benefactors. God help me, but every time I read “People Serving People,” I think of that Twilight Zone episode.