Midori’s Floating World

June 29 Morning Roundup Part II

Katie watches (and photographs) an expert making Tom Yum Soup, Sharyn shoots some gorgeous vegan lemon cream cheese cupcakes and udon with tofu from Midori’s, the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative slowly and pluckily wends its way through the city’s bureaucracy, Lenny Russo of Heartland points out that there’s really no such thing as “cheap food,” and […]


Coming Soon: Sizzling Kebabs

A sign up at the old Midori’s Floating World location (3011 27th Ave S., Minneapolis) proclaims the future arrival of the “Sizzling Shish Kebab Cafe,” no presumptive birthdate or further details attached. Update: Apparently, the new restaurant is actually an expansion of the neighboring Gandhi Mahal, and will showcase a tandoor oven. [Via Tomas in […]