August 13 Morning Roundup

Minnesota’s only beer Cicerone gives Summit’s Kölsch high marks saying “this beer is everything a Kölsch should be,” apparently Andrew Zimmern’s not above ruining a guy’s perfectly tempered chocolate to make a humorous point, a sensible call for a 24-hour gourmet donut shop by Alexis, Green Your Plate explores the angel (Mississippi Market) and the […]


June 2 Morning Roundup

Andrew Zimmern channels Andy Rooney, Parasole is launching a new Uptown venture called Lake Street Cafeteria and Support Group (and trying retool the perpetually-flailing Figlio), Hennepin County Library has a cool list of 36 nonfiction food books [via Stephanie], Downtown Journal meets the Hmong farmers of the Mill City Farmers Market, MNBeer checks out the […]