Julia Child

January 25 Morning Roundup

A first look at the Galaxie Diner in Apple Valley, the current and future wanderings of Tosca’s Adam Vickerman, Cafe Maude’s Aaron Slavicek is out and Burke Forster is in, long thoughtful musings on Julia Child and Bouef Bourguignon, some great new back-and-forth in the comments about Duluth’s Hell’s Kitchen-owned HellBurgers, tuna salad with soul […]


September 1 Tweet Rodeo

Backlash against the “Julie and Julia” phenom: Slate (via @Atlantic_Food) posits that “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” isn’t worth your money, @CookingUpAStory suggests a new movie and a new way of life, Tammy Wong of Rainbow Chinese offers a recipe for a calabash stir-fry (via @MplsFarmMarket), @MetroMixTC reports on the David vs. Goliath legal […]


August 7 Tweet Rodeo

Fancy a Double Stuf? @CooksCrocusHill shows you how to make homemade Oreos, @SmashburgerMN offers a chance for a free burger and a sneak peek at their new locations, @SPClassicCookie offers “CSB” (community-supported bakery) shares and gets tweet cred from @LeeZukor and @ZacharyCohen, @StPaulGrill announces their first ever five-course cigar dinner via @TCFoodies, @JamButter links to […]