August 7 Tweet Rodeo

Fancy a Double Stuf? @CooksCrocusHill shows you how to make homemade Oreos, @SmashburgerMN offers a chance for a free burger and a sneak peek at their new locations, @SPClassicCookie offers “CSB” (community-supported bakery) shares and gets tweet cred from @LeeZukor and @ZacharyCohen, @StPaulGrill announces their first ever five-course cigar dinner via @TCFoodies, @JamButter links to an article on the Department of Justice’s power (and potential to exercise power) to decrease commercial trusts and stimulate competition in the farming industry, @KrisHase hosts a “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” potluck in honor of Julia Child, and @StephMarch suggests a new kind of mile-long run — if you’re willing to fly to Tokyo.

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