The Grande Post-Holiday Recipe Roundup

Peanut brittle, Wisconsin Swiss / bacon / artichoke dip, Canadian bacon strata, farmhouse chocolate mint cookies, bourbon pork with apple cider syrup, perfect roast potatoes, peanut butter blossoms, double dark chocolate thumbprints, chestnut and mushroom soup, chicken enchiladas, blueberry pannekoeken, orange ricotta rolls, sweet potato black bean chili, whole wheat breadsticks, gougeres, and apple-butternut squash […]


The Farewell-Until-2012 Morning and Recipe Roundup

A neighborhood tour of Victory (home to Victory 44 and more), an intriguing brown bag blind beer tasting by the Better Beer Society, Christmas chicken galantina, Christmas kale, tailgate beer cheese dip, Wisconsin cheese gougeres, vegan banana bread, Christmas chocolate biscuits, and Christmas Kringler. And that’s it for the Churn (except, perhaps, for breaking news) […]