Firkin Fest

March 23 Morning Roundup

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Firkin Fest (including “murky swill”!), Grain Belt is introducing a Nordeast-themed brew [via @TheHoltSteady], a tasty looking Crispin “Ciders & Sliders” dinner April 8 at Firelake (menu as PDF), a new chef at Kings, a writeup of the relatively new Cocina Latina (ours is here), DIY fish […]


Lift Bridge Kimono Girl

[Via MNBeer]: Ngon Vietnamese Bistro has Lift Bridge Brewery‘s Kimono Girl Saison on cask, a crowd favorite from Firkin Fest. Quoting our write-up on the Fest, it’s an “offering that infuses lemongrass and longan fruit to provide a yeast-forward, spicy aroma followed up by a relatively delicate maltiness and nicely puckering mouthfeel.”


Mar. 23 Morning Roundup

Mag at Beer Musings runs down the highlights and lowlights from Firkin Fest (read our recap here, with bonus details over on the Captain’s Chair), Bill Roehl visits Taqueria La Hacienda #3 (in Burnsville) and verifies its excellence, Breadbasketcase makes a ricotta-based loaf of bread (recipe included), and MNBeer reports that the Muddy Pig is […]