February 25 Morning Roundup

Bill Roehl’s stormy forecast for a wildlife education center / bar/ grill in Farmington, oven fries vs. the February blues, behold the new fish fry club theme song, an epic sandwich review of the 112 Eatery burger, looks like the (a? one of many?) benefit for Heidi’s and Blackbird may happen March 14, thoughts on […]


Post-Fire Thoughts from Shefzilla

Chef Stewart Woodman of Heidi’s offers his first post-fire thoughts on his blog, Shefzilla. “I feel OK in reality what happened yesterday was that a building burned, but what remains is what we always had.  It was a great honor of my life to be your cook these years at Heidi’s.” UPDATE: Chef Woodman has […]


Blackbird and Heidi’s, After the Fire

If there’s a silver lining to yesterday’s fire, it’s this: while the incineration of Heidi’s and Blackbird was a monumentally depressing event, it was mercifully free of death or injury. We’re lucky on that front. The loss of both restaurants is, however, deeply disappointing for anyone who loves local food. Both were relatively new restaurants. […]