Knife Sharpening Sale and November 18 Tweet Rodeo

@AimeeCheek announces that an old cell phone donation at M & I Bank gets you a free @SmashburgerMSP coupon, @KnifeGuy344 recommends cheap sharpening at Eversharp’s Annual Knife Sharpening Sale, @SurdyksLiquor extends their heart healthy sale, @DeRushaEats comments on the latest polemic commentary from outspoken chefs (shefs?) Shefzilla and Lenny Russo, @StribTaste notes celebrity fans of […]


July 20 Morning Roundup

Zimmern hits Solly’s and Usinger’s in Milwaukee but misses Three Brothers, with a name like Eversharp, this shop has gotta have some cool knife-related stuff going on, Three Squares serves up “a huge disappointment” to Bill Roehl, a new national website that helps connect local growers and customers, and gorgeous summer green soup and a […]