Armatage Room

April 7 Morning Roundup

Teddy Hobbins catches that the Armatage Room is starting lunch service next month, Alexis asks about playing card games at bars, there’re some shots of Palak Paneer in Madison, there’s a funny bacon close-up in River Falls, and Stephanie March opens up hot dog season. Yes, hot dog season.


Mar. 19 Morning Roundup

Katie Cannon visits Meritage for Metromix, Rick Nelson checks out Rinata in Uptown and hails its “familiar, crowd-pleasing food,” the Strib reports that the Hotel Ivy is now offering daily afternoon tea ($15, $22 with sparkling wine or sherry), Chowhounds direct inquisitive Wisconsinites to the perch and bluegill fish fry at the Red Stag, and […]