September 30 Tweet Rodeo

October 1 is National Sake Day in Japan, as well as @MotoI2Go’s first anniversary — to celebrate, they’re offering buy-one-get-one-free sake all day and premium sake, @MplsFarmMarket reviews Eichten’s “Zesty” cheese curds, @CookingWithKARE offers a whole host of recipes, including how-tos for Saffron’s asparagus salad and @DakotaJazzClub’s carrot cake, @HotDishBlog announces the Strib “Taste” section’s 7:30pm showing of “Mildred Pierce” tomorrow night at the Heights, and @Peace_Coffee and @HigherGroundsTC face off about baseball and Michigan’s brewing talent.


  1. gromit

    “Do they even make any good beer in Michigan?”

    There’s trash-talking, and then there’s just plain ignorant… yikes.


  2. Maja

    @Peace_Coffee did rescind the comment about two hours later:

    “@highergroundstc, @DerKruser & @vtuss we apologize for our low blow bashing Michigan beer. We deserve a “hop slam”!

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