September 15 Tweet Rodeo

If the State Fair’s maple soda convinced you to try your hand at homemade soda, here’s a recipe for homemade ginger ale (courtesy of @MetroMag), @ZacharyCohen links to Julia Child’s ratatouille recipe, @NakedGrouse explains the whisky aging process and the evaporation losses it incurs, and @BirchwoodCafe promotes Midtown Farmers Market’s Wednesday night screening of Food Fight (and don’t forget to vote for your favorite farmers market!)

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  1. The Noteman

    Thanks for including The Naked Grouse in your tweet round-up! We appreciate the great work you’re doing to promote outstanding food, beverages, and restaurants in the region, and we look forward to sharing more of what we’re up to on our Twitter and Facebook pages in the next few weeks. Keep up the great work!

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