Garlic hanging in a barn at Swede Lake Farms

Save the Garlic: Volunteers Needed at Swede Lake Farms

Garlic hanging in a barn at Swede Lake Farms
Photo Courtesy Deanna Stanchfield

If you’ve been to the Kingfield or Mill City farmers markets┬áthis summer, you’ve likely met the folks of Swede Lake Farms and Global Garlic, Deanna Stanchfield and Scott Jentink, who are there selling the veggies and garlic they bring in from their 50-acre farm in Watertown, MN.

On Saturday, July 17, their fields were caught in the severe storms that hit Western Hennepin County and the deluge that came afterward. Many of their crops were affected, but none so much as the garlic, which has a short harvest window in the best of circumstances. The Swede Lake garlic is now waterlogged and in danger of rotting in the ground. It needs to be picked immediately.

Stanchfield estimates that of the 70,000 heads they planted, they have about half left to pick and quite a bit more than that to sort and hang — and, like many small farms, not enough hands to get the work done as quickly as necessary.

So what can you do?

Stanchfield is looking for volunteers who can come out to the farm — which is about 30 minutes outside Minneapolis — and help get the garlic out of the fields and into dry storage. Jobs include picking, sorting, bunching, and hanging. She is used to working with many hands and promises a well-oiled machine.

The details:
When: Monday, July 26 and Tuesday, July 27
Time: Daytime or evening

Thu-Fri contact Deanna Stanchfield at 952.955.3990
Sat-Sun contact either Deanna or Scott Jentink at the farm, 612.750.2553


  1. Erica

    Can we make a day of it??? I will bring my Foxy Falafel stand and feed everyone! Free falafel and helping out my amazing farmer friends at Swede Lake Farms.

    Who’s in?

    Erica Strait
    Foxy Falafel

  2. Tracy Heuer

    Hi! I would love to help I just don’t have a way to get out there. Is anyone coming from the Uptown area that can give me a ride?

  3. Erica

    I’m thinking Wednesday for falafel and garlic rescue! Who’s on board. Facebook me to let me know!
    I’m still waiting to hear back from Scotty and Deanna of Swede Lake Farms to see if this will work for them.
    I will keep you up to date!!!
    Foxy Falafel

  4. Erica

    Game on!!!
    Just talked to Deanna and Foxy Falafel will be providing tasty sandwiches on Tuesday evening out at the farm around 5pm. Come on out after work and lend a helping hand to these amazing farmers!

    See you then!

    Foxy Falafel

  5. Kat

    I’d be glad to help, I’d be coming from downtown minneapois, would be willing to pick up people, let me know.

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